Frequently asked questions

Blogging Villa: Frequently asked questions

Are you planning to promote your business through creative blogs and articles? We got your back! Blogging Villa is a creative writing company in India that publishes articles based on your company’s orders and standards. 

Each of our well-crafted articles is written by experts in media marketing and creative writing. If you have any questions about our company, products and services, you can check out the list of frequently asked questions below or contact us straight from our website! 

Where are Blogging Villa contributors based? 

Blogging Villa is a company that has active contributors all over India, America, Europe and other parts of the world. Our company is always eager to expand our business to accommodate your media marketing needs wherever you are in the world. 

We also try to widen our user base and search for new talents that could help in our company’s growth and development. If you want to be a part of our team, we encourage you to talk with our representatives and apply today! 

How does the Blogging Villa platform work? 

Blogging Villa is a managed marketplace and workflow app that different industries and companies can use to order their articles and blogs that contain a specific niche of the company to help promote your brand. 

How do I submit my order as a client? 

If you want to order an article for your company, you can simply visit our order now page and fill up the form that we have prepared for you. There, you will mention the requirements that you want us to follow for your ordered article. 

Once you are done, you can click the place an order button and proceed with talking with us about what you want for the project. 

Do you follow any writing policy in Blogging Villa? 

Yes, we do follow a writing policy. This policy is discussed on our page. If you want a more thorough discussion of our policy, you can contact us and our representative will explain our process to you! 

How does your professional writing process work? 

The moment you complete your payment for your order, we will review the requirements that you have placed and see the specifications that you have placed for your article. Each blog or article would take three to four days to make depending on how long or how thorough you want your order to be. This process already includes the editing and writing process.

Can I request the same writer?

Yes, you may request a writer for your order. However, if you don’t request anyone, your article would be assigned randomly. 

Can you post blogs on my website?

Yes, we can manage the blogs on your website depending on your order and discussion with our head.