About Us

Blogging Villa: A virtual home for new bloggers around the world

When we talk about creating pages centred on blogging, writing becomes only one part of the bigger picture. As a blogger, you are competing against articles not only in the quality of the content but also to rank higher in search engines. 

This can be a roadblock for many. For most starting bloggers, running a page is already a daunting endeavour. But as overwhelming as it is, marketing your page is necessary if you want to succeed.

How can Blogging Villa help?

Our goals are simple; we want to provide bloggers with a place to network themselves and establish their credibility. At the same time, we want to provide our audience with quality content they can enjoy. 

Both can be achieved through guest posting and backlinking. This is what we offer: give our readers great content related to your niche topic and we can help you attract traffic to your site through backlinks. 

Many great bloggers started building their networks this way. Meet your readers where they are. It will give them a chance to get to know you and gauge the value of your content. In turn, you can establish yourself and build your credibility. 

Here at Blogging Villa, we cover many diverse topics. Fashion, health, sports, entertainment, SEO, and digital marketing are only some of the subjects we tackle. You can visit the categories section to see if your niche topic is included.

All we require is for you to submit quality work. You can be from anywhere in the world – United States, United Kingdom, China, Japan, India. It does not matter where you are; if you have content you think will fit in Blogging Villa then send it over. 

Keep in mind, however, that the process is rigorous and comprehensive. Make sure to submit only your best work. 

Some tips before you submit your articles:

  • Check the categories we cover. It is imperative to make sure your article/s is eligible before submitting it. Do not forget to state the category you are writing for on the form so we know it immediately.
  • Edit your article before submitting it. Minimal errors can be easily altered but it is not our responsibility to check for grammatical and spelling errors.
  • Double-check that your content is SEO friendly. This will help maximize your reach. Several websites can help you optimize your work, be sure to check them out first.
  • Provide appealing images for article banners. The image should be professional and of high quality; do not use blurry and low-res images. If the image is not yours, make sure it is copyright and royalty-free.
  • Do not plagiarize! If you do, we will know. Our integrity is important to us so we will always double-check to make sure that submissions we accept are original works.
  • Be patient once you have submitted. It takes time to go over articles and review the quality, so do not lose heart. We will send feedback within 24 to 48 hours.

Do you think you are ready to share your article with Blogging Villa? Head on over to the submission page. There you will find a more comprehensive guideline to follow before submitting. 

Otherwise, be sure to read some of our posted articles to get a feel for the kind of content our readers enjoy.